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At present, the Wordpeddler is completely privately funded, this means that there is no income to pay for the services except what is provided by DJ Cooper.

This, unfortunately, limits our reach and services and features we can offer both authors as well as readers.

If you could make a donation, we can improve our engagement and provide more benefits for our author members to include an expanded reach to touch the lives of more readers.

Some of us write for a living, many of us write as a means to express ourselves, and almost all of us write because as Stephen King says: “What makes you think we have a choice?”

We feel lik this organization can not only help the authors get their books in front of readers but also provide a resource for things like writers on writing, conference listings, interview opportunities and more. For readers we want to offer giveaways and other fun ways to experience the words our authors can’t help but write.

To do this we have to share this site and as of now, it is 100% organic and a whole lotta work on the part of a single person. We’d like to run advertising for our community as well as provide even bigger giveaway options for our readers. This can be expensive and where your donation can be effective and help us make things better and better as it grows. The WordPeddler depends on our members and their love of books.

You can support us by making a donation of any amount, every little bit helps.

If you would prefer to donate through [ PayPal | Venmo | CashApp ] Please email

Another way you can support us is to write for us. We need people to help curate our lists and postings. If you would like to submit a post to any of the blogs please email

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