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Steps to Publication

Many aspiring authors sit down and pen some words. They finish their grand ode’ to their aspirations and think, “Ok, now let’s throw this at the wall of publishers and see what sticks.”

Angry Eagle Publishing has been guilty of looking at these in hopes of finding a new voice and a desire to help authors, but it’s a double-edged sword. Sometimes, we find good stuff, but most often, we see a lack of understanding about the publishing world.

There are steps to publication no matter how you as an author choose to do it. Traditional (big) publishers, small press publishers, and self-publishing all have similar steps BEFORE you get to the final book.

There are misconceptions about how it all works in this new world of publishing and it sometimes shows so we wanted to highlight what the aspiring author needs to know before they start tossing their book at the wall. Read More Here

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